Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pakistan's beautifull faces

Is it the food they eat? Is it in their blood? What makes a Pakistani girl what she is?
Pakistani girls - to be exact, are of many different regions and ethnicities. The females found across the Indus Valley regions, from the mouth of the Indus at the old port city of Karachi, known for its seafaring traditions and cosmopolitan people.
Northwards to Hyderabad, we find the girls hailing from the ancient Kshatriya heartlands of Sindh, not unlike Rajasthani girls next door, but more fitting as inheritors of the grand legacy of the Indus. HEre, under the shade of the mighty neem trees of Sindh, amid the vast sugar cane fields we find the beautiful Sindhi girls.
Further north we encounter the Seraiki Belt of Southern Punjab as it meets northern Sindh. The Seraiki ladies are known for their dark sultry skin, crisp features, sweet voices and mischeivous language, sure to warm the cockles of the hardest hearts. In fact, one reader swears that people from all over the country just love to talk to Seraiki ladies over the phone - any other girl just wouldn’t cut it!
Then comes the vigorous heartland of the Punjab. The ancient Punjabi city of Lahore, the city of Lively Hearts, is to Asia what Paris is to Europe. This magnificient city is matched by the intense diversity and awe-inspiring beauty of its ladies.
College Girls
A photograph of three very cute and rather confident looking college girls from Pakistan wearing a shalwar kameez uniform. College girls are awesome, whichever city from Pakistan they’re in. Whether it be Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad or Peshawar, Pakistani college girls can exemplify the ultimate beauty.
The gray of their uniforms is complementing the pastel background nicely, creating an overpowering, leafy aura that conveys a sultry, earthen sensuality. Don’t you feel like asking these beauties out?

Woman's Day
Pakistani girls celebrated International Womens Day today across the country. With the Taliban banning girls’ education in Swat Valley, this Womens Day holds special significance to the downtrodden girls of this country. While Pakistani girls in major cities like Lahore, Islamabad and Karachi live relatively liberal lives with improved access to education and health care, their counterparts in the mountainous regions of the North have little to celebrate.
The Taliban militia have imposed a barbaric rule in Swat Valley, banning mens’ haircuts and womens education in some areas. “These guys have misinterpreted Islam to suit their whims” says Sabiha Ahmed from Lahore. “Islam encourages woman's education. While they claim to follow Islam, they are in fact the farthest from it”.
Pakistani Girls Condem Lahore Attacks

Pakistani girls from all over the country have written in to us expressing shock and outrage over the recent terrorist attacks on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore. It is obvious that the young people of Pakistan are especially concerned about the deteriorating law and order situation in the country as they feel that their future is at stake. “This was aimed at hitting Pakistan where it hurt the most” said college student Saima Karim from Karachi.
Mashal Khan from Peshawar said “At a difficult time like this, the terrorists wanted to show that Pakistan is hopeless. We must not allow this perception to hold”. Many young people believe that in order for Pakistan to succeed as a nation, all Pakistanis must come together to take a united stand against extremists. “Nobody should provide support to any fringe elements, as this kind of violence is what they stand for” said Nabeela Hasan from Islamabad.

Beautiful Girl in Islamabad

A beautiful girl from Northern Pakistan is pictured here sitting on a wooden fence. In the background is what appears to be an olive grove.
Northern Pakistan is home to wild olives called kahu. These olive forests are reknowned for their durable timber as well as scenic beauty. Found mostly in Hazara, wild olive forests can be a great place to go for an outing or picnic.
The girls of northern Pakistan are well known in for their great looks, this lady being no exception. The colour of her sandals matches with her turquoise shalwar kameez. With a smile as beautiful as her figure, this girl proves yet again that when it comes to beauty, Pakistani girls rule the subcontinent.
Similar Faces

Many people with similar faces can be seen in this world. Usually the resemblance of the faces is common with siblings, but people having no relation could also have identical features. Here are three ladies, smiling for the camera, they sent us their picture and according to them they were enjoying at the dinner party. They told us that they are sisters, and we can see the resemblance.

Gorgeous Girls

Here we see Wardah, a sweet lass from the ancient city of Lahore. Wearing a large pendant medallion in a bright green costume, we find this chick looking sweet with a naughty smile about her face.
Girl Looking Good

A cute babe from Peshawar is seen posing here for the camera in what appears to be a self shot. Peshawar girls are renowned for their good looks and fair complexion. This lady appears to have some very attractive facial features, including lovely eyes and lashes (are they real?). She’s also wearing pink lip gloss.

Beautiful Faces

Here we see a group of girls with lovely smiles flashing for the camera. Exuding a sort of exuberance and vivaciousness all around, only real Pakistani girls can manage to look this good.
Two pretty friends posing for the camera in what is a rather grainy photograph. One wear’s spectacles while the other wears only a smile.
This is a cute picture and one we thought definitely deserved to be up here.
Wardah Pics

Wardah, the hot babe from Lahore appears again in another picture. Here she’s seen wearing a pink shalwar kameez posing in front of a mirror.
Wardah is studying at the University of South Asia and enjoys posing for the camera. We wish her the best for her future and hope she keeps sending us these cool pics!

Girls At Mehndi
Here we see a throng of girls at a Pakistani mehndi event. Mehndi, Urdu for henna, is a traditional ceremony performed before a Pakistani wedding. Both the bride and the groom are decorated with elaborate body art created out of henna leaves, with the bride apparently getting more of the attention.
Combine botanical body art with nice music and curiously ethnic dance moves and you get a traditional “Mehndi”. Part of a four day wedding event, Mehndi can be great fun for everybody involved.


A beautiful Pakistani girl overlooks a bustling Western city through what appears to be a glass elevator. Lost in thought, she projects a serenity of form that makes for a rather dramatic photographic effect. Her black bag glistens in the crisp afternoon sun as she silhouettes the crisp azure sky.
Notice the creases on her outfit creating an intense interplay of light and shadow. Whoever thought contemplation could be this beautiful?

Pakistani Girls

Beautiful babe Rayshum from the city of Lahore is seen here in a variety of poses. Innocence combined with exuberance can be a exquisite combination, as is apparent from the photos submitted by this beauty.

Beautiful Faces

Here we see a group of girls with lovely smiles flashing for the camera. Exuding a sort of exuberance and vivaciousness all around, only real Pakistani girls can manage to look this good.
Two pretty friends posing for the camera in what is a rather grainy photograph. One wear’s spectacles while the other wears only a smile.
This is a cute picture and one we thought definitely deserved to be up here.

Red and Green, Sindhi Style

Two pretty girls in red and green shalwar kameez. The lady in the foreground flashes a rather mischievous, almost naughty smile. These girls appear to be Sindhi, as can be gauged from their complexions and features. Sindh is the region that spreads from the boundaries of Seraiki Punjab all the way down to the Indus delta.
It has seen civilizations as ancient as Mohenjodaro (Mound of the Dead), and cities as modern as today’s cosmopolitan Karachi.


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